how is faith like your blood pressure?

This year like most any other year started off with folks doing their vision boards, professing new year’s resolutions and joining in on spiritual fasts.  I am participating in all three.  What is different this year from the years in the past is that this year I pray for intention and the FAITH to actually keep to my intention throughout the entire year.  If you’re anything like me you operate in business at times with some hesitance and a bit of second guessing.  The second guessing is present because there are times when you not only have a lack of FAITH but are also scared of FAITH.

Loosely translated, the bible defines FAITH as the presence of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen. Hebrews 11:1.  At the beginning of the year when we put together our vision board we are putting intention to what we desire by creating a visual reminder.  My vision board is my bathroom, in a place where it will be seen often.  Having it there is good when my FAITH is strong but horrific when my FAITH is weak.  If I can be transparent, see through and virtually crystal clear, my FAITH is like my blood pressure, it changes during the course of the day!  There are times when I look at my visual expression of my intention and I cry because of the realization that there are times when I just “miss the mark”.  What I have been doing when that happens is praying for insight.  And a piece of that insight is what I want to share with you today.

The core of the insight given to me through prayer, spiritual fasting and just being is that FAITH is evidence of things unseen, yes.  But there is also revelatory power in knowing when and why you have those lacks of FAITH.  FAITH like your blood pressure gives you warning signals when it is at a high and also when it is at a low.  For me, when my FAITH is high, I can operate my business efficiently and effectively.  When FAITH is high I can make decisions and moves with confidence.  Conversely, when my FAITH waivers I can barely pick up the phone or turn on my computer without being distracted and confused about my tasks.  I have discovered that the root of my lack of FAITH at times is based upon my internal and secret indictment of myself because of my past missteps.  If you have been in business for longer than a week, you have those things that you wish you had done better, handled differently or pursued harder.  So what do you do?

Well, for me, the breakthrough has been to express an intention to “clean up” those past items so that they do not continue to inhabit my present.  Now don’t get it twisted, I am by no means saying live in your past.  I am merely (or boldly) challenging you to live in your present with the FAITH in knowing that you are entitled to what you desire – for your business and your life.  I surmise that our FAITH changes constantly like our blood pressure because we do not think we are worth of receiving what we have hoped for.  Not worthy because of our past missteps; those feeling of unworthiness do not evaporate they must be addressed so that we can move forward.  How you address them is up to you, it is according to YOUR FAITH!

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