introduction to the 2014 women in business chat series

By Aurelia Mitchell Durant

For those of you who know me beyond social media you know that I have been an entrepreneur since I could walk or talk.  I have always had my “hustle” on always “scratchin’ and survivin’”; life as a woman in business is the only life I know.  It has had its highest highs and its lowest lows but it is the way I like to live.  I am a visionary by design and a creative at heart.  My focus for 2014 is on assisting and imparting to fellow women in business wisdom or dumb-dom, whichever is most accurate.  My perspective is uniquely mine; however I am sure there are some shared sentiments. 

Now because I say my focus is on women in business that does not evidence an intention to leave the fellas out.  It is just that being a woman in business is what I know for sure.  That is the experience that has shaped me for the past 25 years.  So, this journey is intentionally public, so fellas you can look in on the movement (if you dare!).

The women in business series will be comprised of blog posts, podcasts, inspirational quotes and guest appearances by folks that are bringing real wisdom and insight to the topic.  This is not a journey to get you to buy anything; it is my own business woman in battle-type “therapy”.  It’s rough out here and I want those women in business that follow the series to feel empowered and uplifted by knowing that they do not battle alone.  Some of the views that may be expressed will no doubt be controversial and some of the stories expressed will be sad.  However, with all the banter about “living your truth” and self-exploration, the universe is craving for real truthful expression, straight no chaser!

The Theme for the Month of January is FAITH, so stay tuned!